Everything you need to know about volunteering in the UK

Do you want to do something to help the cause haven’t been able to due to family or work commitments? Are you keen to make sure that you have maximum impact during the time you have available? Do you have a volunteering days scheme at work? If this answer to any of these is yes then we might have the perfect volunteering opportunity for you.

We are a team of six in the London office and we would currently be grateful support in these areas:

– WordPress savvy web developers
– SEO/ Google AdWords/ Analytics experts
– Data management / Mailchimp pro
– Photographers
– Graphic Designers
– Video Editors

If you you would like to donate some time to share your expertise and help out with ad hoc projects in any of these areas please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

The UK can be a daunting place to arrive in for a refugee. Many consider it to be the end of their journey, but going through the asylum seeking process with little information and support available can be overwhelming. Local support services can be difficult to find, and that is where you can help.

There is currently no comprehensive refugee service directory – so we will be working closely alongside other organisations to help create one. We are setting up regional teams of volunteers who are willing to help us map the services available to refugees in the UK. The help is out there – we just need to point people in the right direction.

For the time being, we can only accept volunteers in the areas:

– Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes
– Birmingham
– Brighton
– Bristol
– Manchester
– Leeds
– South Wales

We will put you in touch with your Regional Team Leader, with whom you will liaise to find out how you can help.

It’s really about what skills you have and what you can offer. Help Refugees have an amazing community of volunteers in the UK, so if you think you have something you can offer, please fill out this form.

PLEASE NOTE: we are currently at capacity with our Regional Teams. As a result it might take us a while to get back to you – but by all means, please still register! We still need your help, so in the meantime take a look at our community fundraising page and see how you can raise funds while having fun.

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