Everything you need to know about volunteering in Greece, Bosnia and Serbia

Help Refugees works in collaboration with charity Indigo Volunteers to connect volunteers with more than 50 grassroots projects responding to the refugee crisis in Greece, Bosnia and Serbia.

If you’re interested in volunteering, Indigo Volunteers will match your skills and availability to grassroots projects in need of help. These incredible grassroots projects that are providing aid, running community centres, mobile medical support, social support, education, goods distribution, providing legal advice and so much more.

To find out how to volunteer in Greece, Bosnia and Serbia, just go to the Indigo Volunteers website.

If you have any further questions, please contact volunteer@indigovolunteers.org.

“I enjoy volunteering in the warehouse so much because there are so many nice people. I’ve loved meeting them all. You feel good inside when you know you’re helping the refugees.”

Waseem, Syrian Help Refugees volunteer in Greece

How to volunteer

Visit our partner Indigo Volunteers’ website to find out how you can support the refugee crisis in Greece, Bosnia and Serbia

Our work in Greece

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Our work in Serbia

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