The Independent quotes volunteer Philli in their piece on the Jungle relocation

The Independent quotes our long term volunteer Philli (and gives her a slight gender change) in their coverage of the latest news from the camp in Calais.

From the Independent

Calais Jungle camp: 2,000 refugees living in makeshift shelters ‘given three days to leave as bulldozers move in’

As many as 500 shelters are at risk, according to a Facebook post by the Help Refugees organisation, who said that those living in the affected sections of the camp were yesterday given three days to leave.

Help Refugees said the three-day limit falls makes it almost impossible for them to provide assistance to those at risk of being left without food, water and shelter, adding that they anticipate being able to move one of 10 of the people, tents and shelters at risk – with the rest being destroyed by bulldozers.

“We are devastated to find out we have less than three days to relocate the residents, having been promised much longer by the authorities,” Philli Boyle, Help Refugees’ Calais manager said.

“Our focus will be on safely moving the women and children, but we will do everything we can to help as many of the people as possible in the limited time we have,” he added.

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