As the bombs drop and buildings collapse, the Syrian Civil Defence – more commonly known as the White Helmets – run to the site of emergency, searching for human life in the rubble. These men and women are heroes; unarmed volunteers whose working environment can only be described as the most dangerous place on earth. These individuals risk their lives and sacrifice the unity of their family, working relentlessly to save any individual regardless of political or religious affiliation in the name of their country.

The White Helmets 3,200 members have saved over 95,024 lives since they began responding in 2012. Help Refugees are both proud to have been partners with the Syria Civil Defence since November 2015.

We have funded ten ambulances to help them in their response, as well as providing resources so that the wounded heroes are provided with the psychological therapy and rehabilitating treatment needed to enable injured first responders to get back on their feet, and restart life again.

“To save one life is to save all of humanity.”
White Helmets motto

Once more, White Helmets volunteers and their civil defense centres continue to be repeatedly targeted by Assad’s government and Russian forces. Enemy troops continue to drop missiles on civilian communities and circle back-around; bombing the White Helmet rescue workers who rush to save the innocent civilians at the scene of the attack.

In building upon our partnership with the White Helmets association and the Syrian Civil Defence, we are committing to do all we can to support them in their life-saving work.

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