Since 2016, Help Refugees have been financially supporting Hand in Hand for Syria through its multiple response networks and strategies – an all-encompassing organisation at the forefront of humanitarian response in war-torn Syria.

Together, we have been building hospitals, treated for common diseases, created inpatient suites, provided incubator units, operated intensive care units and given ventilator devices. We have carried out immunisation services, facilitated women’s reproductive health consultations and delivered pre-and post-natal care and family planning clinics. We have built hospitals, helped to sustain the smooth operations of critical paediatric services and most importantly; continue to strategise ways to strengthening the capacity of services as they look to accommodate the increasing flow of new residents into over-stretched areas.

Hand in Hand for Syria serves 150,000 across 35 villages with medical care. They treat 2,700 children every day.

As well as their medical operations, Hand in Hand for Syria work to provide every day resources and facilitate infrastructural operations that are fundamental to civilian survival for the remaining communities residing within Syria.

With the financial support of Help Refugees, Hand in Hand for Syria work to distribute emergency supplies including sleeping materials, rehabilitate broken homes as well as strive to provide nutritious meals for vulnerable and undernourished communities; services that help to restore hope, trigger a sense of normality, and strive to provide familiarity isolating and daunting periods.

More critically, the tightening of Syria’s borders and the unwillingness of commercial food suppliers to enter dangerous regions means that the national economy is experiencing record high levels of inflation. Market forces that has made it impossible for communities to afford even the most basic of household products, pharmaceutical goods and everyday necessity food items.

Working with Hand in Hand for Syria, Help Refugees seek to ensure that pregnant women, growing children as well as every other member of society is provided with sufficient food, basic goods and adequate shelter, relieving poor families of the day to day reality of hopelessness, fear and hunger.

Our work in Syria

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