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Northern Serbia has come to be seen as a ‘new Calais’. This winter, we anticipate temperatures to drop to -20 C.

Since our first grant for emergency aid in October 2015, Help Refugees has supported grassroots local responders, helped coordinate volunteers and now currently has a team working tirelessly on the ground in Serbia.

During the winter of 2016/17, as the borders of Hungary and Croatia closed and left 7,500 refugees stranded, they faced exceptionally harsh conditions as temperatures reached below -15 degree. Several refugees froze to death at the borders of Europe.

“I just want to go to some safe country, To start a normal life… like other people. Just to be safe, in peace” – Amir

Abandoned by European authorities and with no legal routes available, hundreds of people are stranded in Serbia’s border towns. Refugees as young as 14 face police brutality and human rights abuses by Croatian and Hungarian border forces.

BelgrAid is a small outreach team working to provide food, water and warm clothing to refugees forced to sleeping on the streets of Northern Serbia. Donate to their fundraiser directly.

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