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“Help Refugees is one of the unsung heroes of the European refugee crisis, a young grassroots collective that has tried to create a more dynamic form of aid in Calais and Greece, where even seasoned aid workers admit their traditional models have failed.” – Patrick Kingsley, The Guardian

Working with extraordinarily effective small groups and organizations that have sprung up in response to this humanitarian crisis, we respond where the need is greatest, whether that means providing food, clothing, shelter, funding or more. Unburdened by bureaucracy, we’re able to respond quickly and effectively.

We now fund more than 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East, making us the biggest facilitator of grassroots humanitarian aid on the continent.

Our rigorous, up-to-date needs assessments mean your donations will always go where they’re most needed. See some of our recent projects below, or take a more in-depth look at where we work.

Our partnership with the White Helmets

Help Refugees is honoured to partner with the White Helmets, who continue to save tens of thousands of lives in Syria. More

Providing nutritious food to refugee camps

Throughout Ramadan this year, we delivered 129,810 food portions to refugees stranded in Northern Greece. More

Saving refugees from dangerous seas

We recently funded a new engine for Refugee Rescue’s boat to help them continue their life-saving work. More

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Where we work

We fund more than 70 projects across Europe and the Middle East. Learn about them in more detail here. More

Our values

Help Refugees is not just another NGO. Read about the values that make us unique. More

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You don’t need to ask permission to make a difference. Find out how to volunteer with Help Refugees. More