Our implementing partners, Salam LADC سلام, are hard at work in the Bekaa Valley, close to the Syrian border, helping families there to winterise their shelters to keep them warm. Winter is approaching and the temperature in Bekaa drops as low as -11.

Here’s what your generous donations will be used to purchase locally:

£4 a blanket
£8 a sleeping bag
£8 a carpet
£5.50 20 litres heating oil
£170 1000kg Firewood:
£160 roof repair for one family home
£250 insulation for one family home

100% of all donations on this page will go directly to purchasing items which will help people stay warm this Winter.

There are around 500,000 refugees living in the Bekaa Valley over half of whom are children. Many have been living in the same makeshift shelters, made from timber and plastic sheeting, for a number of years. These shelters are not designed for longevity so many urgently need repairing before the rain and snow come.

Please contribute to their work by donating here

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