We have made it really easy for you to Help Refugees this Black Friday!

This #BlackFriday instead of buying tons of stuff you don’t need why not buy one thing for someone who has nothing?? 

The wonderful people at Leisure Fayre have made it super easy to get these urgently needed items directly to Calais. Calais urgently needs sleeping bags and blankets, as well as lanterns and torches so people aren’t forced to use candles for light.

Go to LesiureFayre, click on the Help Refugees logo to get to our specially selected list of most needed items and make your selection. To get 20% discount and free delivery to Calais, use the login and password provided on the checkout page.

Many thanks to Leisure Fayre for being so kind!



These children are playing in the Jungle at Calais. Their families have risked their lives so that they could have the chance of a better future away from terror and their war torn countries. This #blackfriday, why not donate a sleeping bag or tent? You will be making such a difference to their lives by giving a seemingly everyday item like a sleeping bag, a wind up lantern or a waterproof jacket. Help us help by going to leisurefayre.com and clicking on the Help Refugees banner to send some of our most urgent items needed.

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We would not be able to do our work without your support and kindness. Please click through on these links if you would like to find out more about our work or make a donation.  Thank you!