Do you want to provide tangible help to refugees? Well Dunkirk Camp are in need of these items…

Our friends at the Dunkirk Refugee Children’s Centre are in need of supplies for their education and activity programmes at the Dunkirk camp.

If you are able to hold a collection of below items and deliver them to the centre they would be most grateful. Please email to organise.

They are in need of:

– glue sticks
– spill kits
– individually wrapped plastic gloves for first aid
– roll of white address stickers
– colourful kids stickers for treats!
– heavy desk sellotape dispenser x 3
– kitchen roll
– serving spoons
– fiskars kids scissors (use either hand)
– early years plastic scissors
– polycell paste glue (kid safe for sensory activities/craft)
– toy cars and brio trains (no more track needed)
– dual language picture books (kurdish sorani)
– children’s gardening tools, plastic forks and watering cans etc.
– water play toys and water tray
– padlocks with combination number locks
– kinetic sand
– kids wipe clean white board pens
– ping pong balls
– lorries, trucks and diggers etc.