Those forced to leave the Dunkirk camp last week due to the fire have now moved out of the gyms where they were staying.

The vast majority of those who were placed into this emergency accommodation have now gone into state protection across France. Some still remain in the region.

During the eviction, with our partners we distributed over 12,000 items including 800 backpacks containing emergency supplies of water, blankets, socks, underwear, dry food, an information card for accommodation centres and a hygiene pack. Your generous donations allowed us to purchase many of these items.

Our teams, and our amazing partners Utopia 56 , Refugee Community Kitchen, L’auberge des migrants international & Gynaecologists Sans Frontiers continue to work in Calais, where we have seen an increase in the number of refugees over the past few days due to the closure of the Dunkirk camp.

To help us continue to support those stranded in the region, and support those moved across the country, many of whom are families and young children, please donate here.

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