Arabic, Sorani, and Kurmanji speaking volunteers are needed urgently!

We have an urgent need for Arabic, Sorani, and Kurmanji speaking volunteers to join the InterVolve team working alongside communities at Larissa-Koutsochero Camp.

We are looking for individuals who can assist with interpretation and translation, as well as support in adult learning, community involvement and integration, and to facilitate women’s and children’s activities and distributions.

To apply, and start making a difference in the lives of those living in Koutsochero camp in Greece, fill in this form.

Our partners Intervolve work alongside the population of Larissa-Koutsochero camp. This camp, located 20km west of the beautiful student city of Larissa, has a current population of about 700 people, with a maximum capacity of 1500. Intervolve are seeking to maintain and develop projects on and off camp which respond to community identified priorities and which promote wellbeing, skills development, self-determination, and integration.

Community Involvement Volunteers. InterVolve seeks to fill gaps and offer resources and support to all at Koutsochero Camp. As working alongside the community is  paramount , we are seeking long term volunteers, preferably with Arabic, Sorani or French language skills, to support and plan consultation activities with our communities, to develop systems for sustained participation and feedback, and to implement events and services that meet community needs.

Adult Learning & Activities. Adult learning needs remain unmet at Koutscohero Camp. We are seeking qualified Teachers or ESL instructors to lead, develop, and support a new program of directed and self-directed adult learning and life skills workshops  

Children & Youth Activities. Children constitute half of the population at Koutsochero Camp, and our library hour, craft and recreation activities, meet a crucial need. We seek individuals to direct and support our daily program of educational, creative, physical, and fun activities for children. Those experienced in childhood development, trauma education, and social work, are particularly encouraged to apply.

Integration. Supporting people to build local life skills, cultural awareness and connections, and to achieve economic independence . We are looking for individuals, especially those local to Larisa or Greece, to build on our existing programmes and to develop and implement an integration support project for residents.

Women’s Space. Our Pink House Women’s Space and Salon is a space of community, where women and young women can come together in a safe supportive space to take a rest from camp, make new friendships, and take part in activities e.g. sewing, making jewelry, doing hair and nails, and, dancing. We are seeking a long term volunteer to be a part of this community, assisting with  women’s requests, and ensuring the space remains welcoming and peaceful.

Free Shop & Warehouse. Our newly opened Free Shop is a hub for distribution of fruit and vegetables, dry food, and hygiene and clothing items. We are seeking volunteers to assist in all aspects of the operation of the shop, including sorting at the Warehouse, preparing needs lists, staffing the space, and ensuring it is organised, welcoming, and useful.

We Are Looking For:

Flexible, reliable, resilient, culturally sensitive, experienced and warm team-players, who will work in a respectful, inclusive, safe and community led way and in co-operation with the other NGOs and authorities on site. We need people who are motivated enough to learn together with the team, and to stick through the challenging process of building new projects with diverse communities. You should also be prepared to be working within the dynamics of a medium sized team and be living in a city which is removed from the social volunteer centres of Athens and Thessaloniki. Everyone supports each of the projects as part of the team.

Individuals with professional knowledge and skill in childhood development, trauma informed care, child and adult education, and language ability in Greek/Arabic/Sorani/French, who can commit to volunteer are strongly encouraged to apply.

Your Commitment: We are looking for people who are able to commit to a minimum of a month in the first instance. We have a code of conduct and a volunteer agreement to adhere to, and also require that volunteers participate in debrief and support sessions so that we can keep people safe, and to ensure we achieve the best we can with the resources we have.

Our Commitment:  Support and induction training will be given and for long term volunteers we may be able to offer accommodation. You will be an active part of a supportive team.

Application and Information: You can see a good snapshot of our existing team and work on Intervolve’s website  and at their Facebook Page. To apply please fill in the following form.

If you have any questions you can contact us at