Upcoming Evictions: Information


Please email calaisvolunteers@gmail.com to coordinate. We will still need help in the coming weeks, and in the aftermath of the eviction.


We are still accepting donations!

We are currently looking at a couple of potential emergencies and attempting to create a reserve of stock for these eventualities (either an eviction, or a fire which is increasingly likely as the weather worsens). The priority items for these are:

3-4 seasons sleeping bags
Thick blankets
Roll mats
1L bottles of water
Big backpacks and rolling suitcases

Please see the full Calais evictions donations requests for more.


Any press coverage of the eviction itself is welcome, in order to hold the French authorities to account.

However, in the run up to the eviction, everyone in the camp and the warehouse is really busy with preparations. Please email media@helprefugees.org for more information.

We are going to do our utmost to ensure that everybody is safe and looked after.

Thank you for your support xxxxxx

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