UNICEF report on refugee children was released today

UNICEF have released a report on the fate of refugee children in Europe going into 2017

They have identified a total of 131,000 children in need, nearly a third of the reported 342,000 of people in need.

Close to half of arrivals by sea to Greece and Italy are women and children, predominantly from Syria and Afghanistan. On the Balkan route, it is close to 60% of arrivals.

The report finds appalling levels of violence, abuse and exploitation against children. Many children have been held in detention centres whilst they are seeking refuge – the report calls for the end of this tactic and we back this wholeheartedly.

Going into 2017 we will continue to prioritise refugee children in all of our emergency response and developmental projects. With your donations, we will continue to provide food, shelter, warmth and as much freedom to be children as possible.

You can read the full report here.

Photo credit: Danny Castro