We are so proud to support the ‘Bena’a Wa Tanmiya’, or the ‘School of Building and Development’ in Istanbul.

Since opening in November 2015, it has become the largest and most highly regarded free school for Syrian children in the city. More than 800 children attend classes, and from 2017 an afternoon session will be added to double the capacity of the school.

The school provides books, stationery and uniforms – as well as subsidising half of the students’ travel expenses. The cost of travel is one of the main obstacles to education for many refugee children.

‘Our school wants to see a future Syria that is thriving, bustling, contributing to the world. It can only happen if this generation is rescued from the wilderness they now find themselves in – without education, structure or a place to socialise safely with their peers.’

We cannot emphasise enough the difference that a school routine has on the emotional stability and development of children.