This is not journalism: complain about recent coverage of Channel crossings

As they chase down dinghies in the English Channel, we’ve been appalled by exploitative, voyeuristic coverage of boat crossings from several broadcasters. This dehumanising coverage is stoking hostility towards refugees and treats the desperate journeys of extremely vulnerable people as a spectator sport. ⁣

Below you can find a template letter and where to send it. Please join us in writing to the BBC and Sky News to demand that this dangerous and dehumanising coverage stops immediately.


Dear BBC/Sky News, ⁣

Presenting desperate people trying to find safety as a ‘crisis’ for the UK, focusing on so-called ‘illegality’, and sensationalising Channel crossings by sending journalists to film and attempt to interview people in imminent danger of drowning is deeply exploitative. ⁣

In a climate where hatred, xenophobia and racism often take centre stage, we need dignified, humanising coverage that helps to show why people are forced to make these extremely dangerous journeys. ⁣

The UK needs to do more to provide sanctuary for refugees and people forced from their homes by war, persecution and crisis. Dehumanising and presenting as a threat a small group of vulnerable people trying to reach our shores goes against the ideals we should be aspiring to: empathy, humanity and help for those who need it. We expect better.⁣


BBC internal complaints:
OFCOM complaints for any TV station: