Please read the following carefully.

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Help Refugees. We rely on our amazing supporters, like you, to keep doing the work we do.

If any of the information from these terms and conditions is unclear or if we can help with anything at all in relation to your fundraiser please email communityfundraising@helprefugees.org

These terms and conditions apply to the fundraising you are planning to do for Help Refugees, whether for an event or a fundraising activity. You will need to tell us about this activity via our online form.

You are an independent fundraiser therefore you should not directly or indirectly indicate that you are working for Help Refugees or that Help Refugees are responsible for your fundraising activity. You must not do anything that could harm Help Refugee’s reputation. If you do, we may ask you stop your Fundraising and you must do so immediately.

As an independent fundraiser you we ask you to use a copy of our ‘in aid of Help Refugees’ logo on all materials.

Once these terms and conditions have been accepted, we will email you a copy of the pack of assets to use for fundraising. The logo will be included in this pack. Please do not alter the logo in any way. If you hold another fundraiser please register all your event details again rather than reusing assets without providing event details.

As an independent fundraiser you are liable for injury or loss that may occur to you or anyone else attending your fundraising activity or other activities relating to it. You must take the correct health and safety precautions. Help Refugees’ insurance does not cover your fundraising activity.

You are required to comply with laws and regulations relating to your fundraising activity. This may involve getting licenses, permissions and/or consent, depending on the activity.

Finances: Within 30 days of you collecting it, all the money from your Fundraising should either be:

  1. Sent to the mydonate page you have set up for your event
  2. Paid into the Help Refugees bank account via BACS using details we can provide you with on request

You are responsible for the costs of undertaking your fundraising activity (including expenses, taxes or other payments). You may only deduct reasonable expenses for the fundraising activity from the funds you collect for Help Refugees.

Help Refugees will protect your privacy and data in accordance with our privacy and cookie policy. We will never sell your data. We will contact you regarding this fundraising activity and you are free to decide if you wish to join our general mailing list.


Guidelines – Fundraising should be fun, but there are some things to keep in mind to ensure it all goes smoothly.

  • Supervision: if your event is going to have a lot of people, make sure you have enough qualified people and amenities to handle everyone.
  • Children’s parents / guardians must be consulted ahead of any activity
  • Food & Hygiene: when preparing or handling food, ensure you follow the correct procedures for preparation, storage, display and cooking of food. Visit www.food.gov.uk for more information.
  • Medical & Fitness: if you are planning on doing a physical activity as part of your fundraising, such as running, swimming, cycling etc., it is often a good idea to get
  • If you are doing a physical challenge you should arrange a check-up first to ensure that you are capable. While it is great to push yourself, and this is what people are supporting you to do, exceeding your limits isn’t necessary, and undermines the whole idea!
  • Be sure that you have completed and acted upon a full risk assessment, where appropriate
  • First Aid: if you are planning a really big event, you need to make sure that there are First Aiders available. Take advice from voluntary rst aid organisations such as the Red Cross or St John Ambulance, and if necessary, arrange cover. Go to www. redcross.org.uk or www.sja.org.uk to arrange to speak to someone who can advise you further.
  • Insurance: Help Refugees cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by anyone participating in a fundraising activity. If your event involves the public, you may need public liability insurance. If you are using another venue, they may already have this; check with them rst.
  • Lotteries & Raffles: the rules around holding events such as these can be confusing. For example, if your raffle lasts longer than 24 hours, you will need a lottery licence. Go to www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk to check the latest information.
  • Licences: visit www.institute-of-fundraising. org.uk if you are unsure whether your event or collection requires a licence.
  • Publicity material: remember to include our information on all your publicity material: Help Refugees is a charitable fund, under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund – charity number 1099682.