Team member Oz involved in search and rescue mission in Lesbos

Our amazing team member Oz sent us this heartbreaking update from Lesbos –

It’s pitch black here on the shores of Lesvos, I thought the arrivals were done. 10 minutes ago we heard piercing screams as a boat load of Afghan refugees crashed into the jagged rocks. I just pulled a baby no older than 18 months off a sinking rubber dinghy as it continuously collided with sharp rocks, I have never been so terrified in all my life. Everyone looks like they made it out ok, some of the kids have broken limbs but no one has been reported drowned yet. I can’t believe what I’m witnessing here, it just defies all sense of reason

One of the projects we have help to fund provides lights on some of the beaches, so that the refugee boats aren’t landing on rocks in the dark. We will bring you more information on this soon!

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