Supporting doctors in Syria: The Hope Hospital, Aleppo

“After evacuating from Aleppo there was something in my heart that said we would have to give up and not work inside a children’s hospital again… hope returned to me when I realised that there are people thinking about us and supporting us…

It means the world knew what we were doing inside Aleppo: serving children, the civilians. So we began working hard to build the new children’s hospital. For us, it represents renewed hope and a new place where we can work…” Dr Hatem, a Paediatrician and Head of Hope Hospital.

We support Dr Hatem at Independent Doctors Association because, quite simply, his work saves the lives of people inside Syria.

In Northern Aleppo, Hope Hospital treated 3,981 Syrian civilians in August.

They screened 1621 children and pregnant women in Syria for undernourishment and malnutrition. They are an inspiration to work with.

We support 2 hospitals, 1 search and rescue operation, 1 women’s group, 1 children’s centre and 2 food and clothes distributors in Syria. We are able to do this because of small donations from thousands of supporters like you. Please donate today to help us continue our work.


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