Syrian mothers have had funding for their life-saving kidney dialysis cut – help us fund their treatment

Due to budget constraints the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health has announced plans to stop providing financial support to Syrians who need haemodialysis treatment (kidney dialysis) after today (Monday 17th January).

So far 27 people in the Bekaa Valley whose lives depend on receiving this treatment twice or three times weekly have been identified by UNHCR. Most are women and, like Samaher, who we meet in this film, most have children and must work hard to make enough money to feed and care for them.

Together with our implementing partner in Lebanon, Salam LADC, we have committed to doing everything we can to help keep these people alive until an NGO, INGO or government assumes this responsibility. 

Each dialysis treatment costs approximately $130
The monthly cost per person is approximately $1600

Everyone has had their last treatment from the government so we need to raise the first $43,200 as a matter of urgency to ensure no-one misses any of their treatment as this would be life threatening.

Here is the link to the fundraising campaign page which is launching today. Please take a look at the first in a series of films where we meet some of the patients affected by the Ministry’s decision.