Syrian Child Refugees in Greece

Sara is a Syrian child refugee. She was three-years-old when her family left Syria a year ago. When she lived there with her father, she couldn’t leave the house because it was too dangerous.

Her father, Zain, said this about her Sara’s childhood: “She lived it inside the house but not outside, she rarely went outside to streets when we were in Syria”.

Sara is traumatised by what she has seen and heard. She tells us that when she hears a loud noise or strong sound around her she worries it’s the sound of a bomb and she becomes scared.

Volunteers have worked with Sara to help her process this trauma, and have given her a safe space to have fun and thrive. She comes to the child friendly spaces in Athens every week, and has fun with children her own age.

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Incredible photography by Abdulazez Dukhan from Through Refugee Eyes