Christmas has passed,  and left behind a lot of unwanted socks!

A young teenage boy who lived in the Calais ‘Jungle’ and recently arrived in England told us: “While I was in the Jungle camp, everyday people came with boots and coats, food and gloves. We had nothing. We would have died without their kindness.”

Thankfully he is now in a warm place but hundreds of people are still arriving every week on the streets of Paris and in the camp at Dunkirk and they need our kindness.

Put your unwanted Christmas gifts to good use by sending them to someone who will appreciate them.

We want families, communities, squadrons, workplaces and groups of friends to make SNUG packs for us to keep refugees on our doorstep warmer this winter.

Can you organise a group to put together 50 or more SNUG packs (Socks, Neckwear, Underwear, Gloves)?

If you can send some SNUG packs our way, email