We have sent funds to groups working on the front line in Syria

The images coming out of Aleppo these last few weeks have shocked the world. The hundreds of thousands of people who lost everything have lost their home and are in desperate need of shelter, warmth, food, medical care.

We have begun working with and sending much needed funds to the groups working on the front line including: The Syria Campaign, The People’s Convoy, The Independent Doctor’s Association, Space of Hope, Hand in Hand for Syria, Karam Foundation, The White Helmets, SAMS, Women Now and Molham Volunteering team are all doing the work that other organisations are too afraid to do.

We don’t need to watch what is unfolding in Syria and feel completely helpless. We can help the people who are there helping.

Help Refugees would not be able to do what we do were it not for the support of the incredible women at Together Rising who work with us, side by side to ensure we can get help to organisations on the ground who really are making a difference and saving lives.

Photo: Oz Katerji

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