Safeguarding at Choose Love

We’re aware of recent social media posts making references to safeguarding and other concerns relating to Choose Love, and understand the disquiet this may cause to our partners, friends and supporters. We have taken the decision not to engage in discussions on social media, as this is not an appropriate forum for addressing safeguarding issues. We continue to encourage a dialogue privately and via official pathways.

In all safeguarding matters, Choose Love follows robust internal procedures. Serious incidents are always reported to Prism, our accountable body, which in turn, informs the Charity Commission. We will always act on recommendations within the scope allowed by the findings of investigations and reviews.  

We are committed to protecting the people we work with, and for, and have invested heavily in strengthening safeguarding structures within the organisation. Over the last year, we have: 

  • Developed a new safeguarding framework, including safeguarding, whistleblowing, risk management, governance and accountability policies and a Code of Conduct for staff.
  • Developed thorough reporting routes, including timelines for investigations.
  • Appointed focal point roles throughout the organisation for each geography, to be the first point of contact for safeguarding issues raised for partners.
  • Newly appointed a Lead Director for Safeguarding.
  • Ensured all staff have had safeguarding training, with additional training for Focal Points and Executive Leadership Team.
  • Built safeguarding into all of our recruitment processes, with the Executive Leadership Team undertaking safer recruitment training.

We have clear systems and procedures in place to respond to any concern or complaints, and will always respond professionally and with integrity to any concern that is reported to us via our official reporting routes. 

In the first instance, concerns or complaints should be emailed to Any dissatisfaction with our response can be reported to Prism the Gift Fund, our accountable body, via the contact details in our Safeguarding Policy.

Key contacts and policies

If you are unhappy with any aspect of Choose Love’s work, find out how to take action using our Complaints Procedure.

If you have concerns or would like to report a safeguarding issue, you can read our full Safeguarding Policy or speak to our Safeguarding Lead via

A detailed version of our safeguarding reporting routes is available here. To receive the full suite of policies in our safeguarding framework, or to report a safeguarding concern about our work, please contact us on

Our Whistleblowing Policy is for use by people working at all levels of the organisation, including all employees, volunteers, freelancers and consultants to disclose information which relates to suspected wrongdoing or dangers at work.

Finally, our Code of Conduct sets out our expectations and guiding principles for appropriate behaviour at all levels of the organisation and in all the environments in which we work.