Italy Refugees

Vulnerable refugees and migrants continue to be treated as scapegoats by the Italian government.

Arriving in Sicily after days at sea on unseaworthy boats, those rescued are filled with relief, happy to be the lucky ones who survived the treacherous journey.

A discriminatory process

Unfortunately for many there awaits an unjust discriminatory process, whereby the Italian police block many nationalities from exercising their right to seek asylum.

Instead of being given somewhere safe to sleep, they are turned directly from the port to the streets, with a notice saying they have 7 days to leave the country by their own means.

It is then left to volunteers to help them find their way, providing legal assistance, finding dormitories which can host them, and providing hot meals.

This is one of the many things that Porco Rosso, one of the organisations we are supporting, are doing to help vulnerable migrants and refugees arriving in Sicily.

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