What’s happening to refugees in Greece, particularly on the island of Chios, is dreadful. And it seems as though Europe is turning their back on the crisis here.

Chios is at breaking point. 3,000 people are penned in on the island, half in a makeshift camp, living in festival tents, the rest are in a razor wire topped detention centre.

Kamal, from Syria, has been stuck on Chios for 3 months with his daughter. She is 19 years old. He is blind and has diabetes.

They’ve been stuck in a tent with temperatures of 42 degrees, with no fan, no information and no options. His wife and children are in Germany but his daughter has not been given permission to leave the island.

Our partners at theĀ are working with Kamal to provide him with legal information and care. They’ve been working on the island to help help those who have been left behind by a system supposedly designed to help them.

Please support their incredible work, providing information and care to refugees where there is none, by donating to our fundraiser for the project.