Refugees are heading back to Calais and we need your help to help them

Since mid January the number of refugees in Calais has increased drastically again.

Between 500 and 1000 people, mostly unaccompanied minors, are sleeping in forests and under bridges. They rely on us for clothes, food, sleeping bags and mobile phones. The police chase them on constantly, without offering any alternatives, in violation of the right to protection and care that minors have in France.

Utopia56 distributes over 100 sleeping bags every night, which they receive from us. Meanwhile we are still providing clothing, toiletries and bedding to the over 1500 refugees in the official camp in Dunkirk. Our friends at Refugee Community Kitchen have been providing 180 bento boxes of hot food in Calais every night as well as 900-1000 meals a day in Dunkirk. 

We need your help to continue. Please send us sleeping bags, thermal gloves, small and medium waterproof men’s jackets and men’s joggers (email, or order them for us through Leisure Fayre.…/86100/1/help_refugees

And please donate here to enable us to keep the warehouse open and run the vans and infrastructure that bring these goods to the people who need them.

Finally, we need volunteers as well to help in the sorting of all these items, as well as the kitchen and the distribution teams. Please email for more information and to sign up.

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