From 5am today a large scale evacuation operation of the tents under the bridges at Porte de la Chapelle and in other areas across Paris took place. A heavy police presence of approximately 350 officers were involved in the process. Around 1000 people were then taken on buses to emergency accomodation in France.

Many of those living in the streets in Paris are there because they want to claim asylum in France. We hope that with roofs over their heads their asylum claims can be heard and processed.

Our partner organisations estimate that 80% of minors in Paris are deemed to be over 18 when they are in fact significantly younger. The process for contesting this age assessement is long and requires support and an understanding of a complex system. It is incredibly challenging to contest with no fixed accommodation and no support from the authorities.

There are serious concerns for the safety and security of these young people, many of whom may now be in centres with no provisions for children. Thank you to our friends at Solidarithé and Utopia 56 for their ongoing work for those living precariously in Paris, seeking sanctuary. And thank you to all the volunteers and groups who were in attendance, showing solidarity and offering support to those getting onto the buses.