In the last week we’ve helped distribute 18,840 items, and we’re seeing a sharp increase in the numbers of people we serve, with around 500 people in the Calais and Dunkirk area.

Our new Child Protection team led by Refugee Youth Service are working hard building relationships with the children in the area and trying to find ways to offer them support. The largest need is met through the daily distributions we do in Calais, as well as the outreach along with our partners Utopia 56 in the wider area responding to urgent needs.

We are expecting more people to come, especially after the evacuations in Paris, and we are running dangerously low on essential items! If you have any thick blankets, sleeping bags and size 41,42,43 trainers please email

To keep up with the growing number of refugees in Calais, we need donations to respond quickly to changing needs and conditions. Please donate here to support our work.