“Because I am not able to live in a house, I decided to create housing by myself.”

Refugee rejected from the EU relocation program, with 2 children and living in a tent for the past year. It’s the story of so many parents we’ve met in Greece.

The new refugee housing project in Greece

That’s why we’re incredibly proud to announce a new housing initiative with our partners RefuAid, and our implementing local partners Perichoresis!

This project gives people a home, helps people put their children in local schools, access jobs, learn the language, integrating into the local community whilst also supporting local communities themselves.

It shows there is another way – in long-term situations we don’t have to rely on refugee camps to support people! With your support we can grow this program and support more people to regain dignity and independence. We’re starting with 10 apartments and are hoping to grow the program.

Help us grow the program by donating here.

As of June 1st we will be providing apartments for up to 5 years to those claiming asylum in Greece. For the first 2 years, full rent and utilities will be provided as well as support staff.

This will then phase out by 25% a year over the next 3 years, by which point people will be able to support themselves. Greek destitute families and individuals will be included on the program alongside those residents claiming asylum.

The beautiful image is by Abdulazez Dukhan, visit Through refugee eyes to see more of his work!