Ramadan 2017: Help us feed refugees in Northern Greece

Ramadan 2017: Help us feed refugees in Northern Greece

Donate here to help us distribute much-needed food for Ramadan.

Throughout Ramadan this year, help us to deliver 129,810 individual food portions to refugees stranded in Northern Greece.

Getting enough healthy, nutritious food can be a challenge at the best of times for refugees in Greece. During Ramadan, these challenges become even greater. That’s why we’re providing food, and why we need your support, so refugees in Greece can practice Ramadan with dignity.

Thousands of Muslims have been displaced as a result of war and conflict. They are uncomfortable, alone and due to a lack of resources, cannot fulfil their duties under Islam as they would like. Finding enough food to feast and celebrate Eid is a constant cause of anxiety for Muslim refugees.

In collaboration with local grassroots initiative ‘The Food Project’, Help Refugees deliver food parcels to almost all refugees currently residing in Northern Greece. Whether individuals are stranded, undernourished or exempt from government-funded assistance,  the Food Project strives to deliver fresh fruit, vegetables and dry food goods twice a week to all refugee communities within its reach. Empowering individuals by enabling self-sufficiency and allowing communities to cook for themselves and their families.

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