Phone Credit for Refugees

Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People is an organisation that provides vital phone credit to refugees and displaced adults and children across Europe.
They give the gift of communication to people who are separated from family and friends, miles away from home and in very uncertain circumstances. £20 buys a month’s internet and calls providing a lifeline to keep recipients safe and connected. For many unaccompanied children their phone credit is the only safety net they have.

To date they have helped over 4000 displaced adults and children make contact with loved ones, stay up to date with news from home and even summon emergency life saving assistance.

In this photo Ahmed is receiving a bravery award, for his part in saving a group of refugees who were trapped inside a refrigerated Lorry.

They were in the back of the vehicle for almost 24 hours, and were beginning to suffocate. Using credit from this wonderful organisation, Ahmed texted the Unofficial Women and Children’s Centre team. His text said ‘No Oksijan’ [no oxygen]. The team immediately spoke to the police, who were able to track the phone and open the lorry. With the help of Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People, Ahmed saved 15 lives.

If you can help, please donate to them here so they can continue their work.