Philli quoted in BBC piece on the relocation in the Calais refugee camp

Paul Adams from the BBC watched the hard work of the volunteers and refugees moving shelters in the Calais camp, and interviewed Help Refugees Calais Manager Philli.

If you click through here you can watch the video report, which shows the shelters being moved and Philli explaining what has been going on.

From the BBC

‘Jungle’ migrants prepare to move – 100 metres away

It seems to be working but the authorities have pushed back the deadline until Monday.

“They want to reduce the size of the camp,” says Philli Boyle, Calais manager for one of the most active volunteer groups, Help Refugees UK.

“We also hear that they want to make a no-man’s land between the boundary of the camp and the motorway, for security reasons.”

The area slated for demolition is now a hive of activity, as volunteers armed with jeeps and trailers arrive to haul some of the camp’s more permanent shelters out of harm’s way.

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