Peace talk to Clash about appearing in our fundraising gig

Peace – just one of the amazing musical acts appearing at our fundraising gig on Sunday 22nd of November (tickets available) – talked to Clash about their motivation for getting involved. Lovely guys!!

From Clash

Peace Talk New Material, Charity Concert

So Harry, how did you get involved in Help Refugees?
We met the organiser a few times at parties and stuff, and then she started working on the show idea and asked if we wanted to do it. We were originally going to be in France and then we changed our plans to do it. It would have been too expensive otherwise, and we really wanted to do it. It seemed like a really good opportunity.

It must be a thrill to give something back.
Totally. It’s hard to work out how you’re going to help, apart from just donating money. Then when the opportunity came to use music… it’s kind of a strange feeling to be able to use something that you love to help people who are desperately in need. So it was a no-brainer for us to go out of our way to do it.

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