Our partnership with Refugee Youth Service and L’Auberge des Migrants is creating brilliant opportunities for children…

In collaboration with our partners Refugee Youth Service and L’Auberge des Migrants we are creating a mobile youth centre which will provide safe-space for minors as well as legal support, information on asylum in France and other European countries, access to WiFi and phone charging, classes and activities.

The vehicle will be focal point for child protection and safeguarding. In the team we have a French social worker and qualified legal case-worker so that we can offer professional, consistent support to displaced children living in Northern France.

The vast majority of those currently sleeping rough in and around Calais are unaccompanied minors and our team will operate from a vehicle so they will be able to move to wherever the need is, adapting to the situation as it develops over the coming months. We will collaborate with local associations and hope to work with medical NGOs to fill in some of the gaps for these young people who have currently have very limited access to even the most basic information and services.

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