Our partners’ ongoing work in Dunkirk Camp

The French government and the mayor of Grande-Synthe have announced that the camp of la Linière in Grande-Synthe (better known as “Dunkirk camp”) will be maintained until September 2017, at which point the agreement will be considered again.

Help Refugees, l’Auberge des Migrants and the Refugee Community Kitchen carry on their activities on the camp with several teams:

Our Mobile Distribution team visits every shelter in the camp in a three-weeks cycle (over 1450 residents) to provide clothes, hygiene products, blankets, and kitchenware.

Our Material Vulnerabilities team meets the urgent needs of vulnerable refugees including new arrivals,unaccompanied minors, families, women, and people with disabilities.

On Child Protection we work closely with the Dunkirk Legal Support Team. There are an estimated 100 unaccompanied minors living in the camp, many of them sleep in the open community kitchens. A number of these children have family members living in the UK. Just yesterday a 15 year old boy from Afghanistan, who sleeps in one of the kitchens, was visited by his father who lives in the UK. He has a right to join his father in the UK but while he waits for the authorities to process his case he is sleeping on the filthy floor of a community kitchen. His father visited him in the camp and saw the conditions he is has to live in, while he waits for the slow and frustrating process.

Our partners Safe Passage UK are working on his case with the legal centre. Family reunification cases are incredibly time-consuming and in the meantime this boy is not living in a safe facility adapted to his needs as a minor. He is not in full-time education as we would wish for a boy of his age.

The amazing RCK team continues to provide about 400 meals per day and manages the 2 free-shops of the camp which enable camp residents to cook for themselves, selecting the items that they need in something that resembles a bit of normality.

The Dunkirk Refugee Children’s Centre continue their fantastic work providing welcoming haven for children in camp and an impressive education and activity programme.

Dunkirk / Dunkerque Refugee Women’s CentreThe women’s centre also continues to provide aid, respite and support to the women of the camp every day. They are always in need of prams. Please email calaisdonations@gmail.com if you are able to bring any to us.