We partnered with organisations and the public to fund The People’s Convoy – sending medical aid to Syria

November last year, we stood on a cold roadside in London and waved off a convoy filled with medical supplies heading for Syria. Today, we are proud to report that convoy has turned into a nearly fully refurbished hospital!

After the last children’s hospital in Eastern Aleppo was bombed, the world came together and raised enough money to build a new one. Because of you, we were able to partner with the amazing organisations involved in The People’s Convoy and are so proud to show you what a difference we have made together.

The team on the ground have finished extending the electricity and pipework throughout the building and completed considerable repairs to the walls, ceilings and floors.

Once these last jobs are done, the refurbishment is complete. And Hope Hospital will be ready to receive the medical equipment and of course most importantly, its patients!

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