Our Aid Reaches Greece – Heydon Prowse’s Article In The Guardian

Following some monumental efforts here in the UK with our amazing team of volunteers it was heartening to see our aid and help reaching those that needed it most in Greece and Macedonia.

After making vital contact with aid workers on the ground in Kos, one of our team (film maker and activist Heydon Prowse) jumped on the first plane to the Greek island to use some of the money you donated to buy food & shoes and distribute it to families arriving off boats from Syria and beyond. Leaving fellow team member Tom behind to continue the good work Heydon then head to Idomeni (on the border of Greece & Macedonia) to meet the arctic lorry load of emergency aid we packed up and sent from here in London.

Heydon Prowse wrote about some of his experiences and the people he met along the way in The Guardian


Congrats to Heydon and all the team for a successful first mission, with so much more to be done!


Image: Little boy in Idomeni with his new shoes – photo by James Fisher