Six months ago we met Marina she had a vision to create a safe space in Athens for the refugee community, she created Zaatar – non-profit organization with the approach of ‘No tears, no drama, just action’. They commandeered an electrics store and transformed it into a comfortable home for some of the most vulnerable refugees; unaccompanied minors, single mothers and LGBT refugees.

Help Refugees has been able to help fund The Orange house thanks to the generosity of your donations – with your support here’s what they have been able to achieve in the last 6 months:

Within the Orange House there are hugely popular classes teaching English from basic to advanced, Arabic Alphabet classes for the Children as well as Greek, German, French and Spanish. Giving refugees who have had their access to education taken away, the gift of learning again.

There are also bespoke meetings for people from the LGBT community, giving legal and medical support. Children’s classes have proven extremely popular, with art and craft happening twice a week.

Saturdays are reserved for activities, from visiting the local park to music and dancing. The day finished off with Cinema Club, screening films for children and adults in a mixture of Arabic, Farsi and English.

One of the residents of the Orange House, a 17 year old from Iran, said: “I want to say thank you a millions of times. This volunteer takes me out for coffee to teach me English, and I love my salsa teacher, I am learning guitar with this volunteer. Oh, and this other volunteer, I feel such a positive energy from her! Please find new volunteers because they make me feel so good about myself!” Proof that this work is invaluable to the refugees who access it.

Please help us to continue this incredible work by visiting our site and donating,

As ever, Choose Love.