November Collection Weekend

France Collections Items



Due to the announcements from the UK Government on Saturday 7th November announcing a second national lockdown, we have now postponed this collection. Please do not attempt to drop items at any collection points while restrictions are in place.

You can still help us prepare for the winter in Calais by donating the desperately needed item, through the Choose Love shop. Buy the items here:

– Tents
– Blankets
– Sleeping bags
– Winter warmers


There are some things no one should go without. Help us provide tents, bedding and warm clothes in Northern France this winter.


Winter is fast approaching and as temperature begin to drop we need you help to ensure that hundreds of people, sleeping in camps or on roadsides, stay dry and warm.


Help us by collecting and donating items at your nearest drop off point on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of November. If you are able to get together with friends, family and neighbours and pool supplies and logistics that would be incredible. These are the items our partners most need right now so please do only bring items from this list:


– Tents
– Sleeping bags
– Blankets
– Men’s hats and gloves
– Men’s scarves and snoods
– Men’s socks and new boxer shorts
– Men’s thermal leggings


Our main priorities are small and medium size clothing for men. Large and extra large clothing is still needed but in lesser numbers. We are only collecting clothing for men because stock levels are very low while women and children’s clothes remain in good stock.


If you can’t travel or don’t have tents to donate, you can still buy tents, blankets and warm clothes for refugees and displaced people from the Choose Love store – just go to


This project is in partnership with:

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Header photo taken in winter 2019, Calais.