Northern France Latest Needs

Due to the evictions that began Monday 24/10, we’re only asking for a few specific men’s items that we are very short of, as well as food. Please hold on to other donations that could be suitable while the situation develops. There are some items we are unlikely to need soon (children’s clothes, mattresses, sanitary towels…). Many others items we will quite probably need again in a few weeks’ time, but we cannot be certain of this at the moment.

The items we can receive right now are the following:

– Men’s underwear (new)

– Men’s waterproof jackets, size S and M

– Men’s hats

– Men’s gloves

– Men’s socks

– Trainers

Refugee Community Kitchen is currently simply continuing their operation. They are serving three meals a day to the minors staying in the container camp. The food items we want are the following:

– Vegetables that you can keep like squash and pumpkin

– Spices, especially chili flakes

– Big tins of tomato

– Lemon juice

– Courgette

– Fresh tomatoes

– Onion

– Garlic

– Sea salt

– Olive oil

– Cooking oil

– Pureed tomato

– Milk

– Tea

The kitchen also needs:

– Bin bags

– Cling film

– Tin foil

For anything else, please hold on to it for now if you can.

Thank you for your patience in this complicated situation.

Please note that you MUST register your donation delivery HERE in order to drop off your donations! The address will be sent to you once you register. Please also be aware that no deliveries will be unloaded before 10am or after 5pm, as the team needs to prepare for distributions. If you are volunteering with us, please come from 9am, and your donations will be processed later on in the day.

If possible, please aim to bring donations on a weekday as the weekends are our busiest time. However, we do appreciate that this does not fit into many people’s schedules so please do not let this put you off booking for a Saturday or Sunday!

You can also donate to our Calais and Dunkerque page here.

If you are interested in supporting our non food item distribution teams with items such as tents, clothing, sleeping bags, kitchenware etc, please donate at the following here.

Our food teams are also in desperate need of support. The Refugee Community Kitchen now feeds over 1000 minors three times a day. To support this team please donate here:

The Refugee Info Bus shares legal information with camp residents and provides wifi to all! Donate to them here.

If you wish to send Emergency Supplies by post, please consider our wishlist at, where we have secured a generous 20% discount and fast postage with the distributor, who sends them directly to us as soon as possible!