“We have no future here…” An update from Belgrade’s ‘Barracks’ squat

Up to 1,000 people, including hundreds of children, sleep in squalid conditions inside the ‘Barracks’ squat, by Belgrade’s main railway station. In this video, we spoke to some of the squat’s residents about life for refugees in Serbia – watch the full video at http://bit.ly/2nDglPo

“Everybody gets sick. They have body lice… All the barracks, they are so dirty” – Amir.

With the hope of leaving conflict behind them, the squat’s residents are young, resourceful and hopeful for a better life. But with neighbouring Croatia and Hungary’s borders firmly closed, they’ve found themselves trapped in Serbia. Many of the squat’s young residents are now depressed and despondent, unsure of their next steps.

“We are not terrorists, we run from terrorists” – Jan

“I just want to go to some safe country, To start a normal life… like other people. Just to be safe, in peace” – Amir

With the help of our partner groups, we’re funding a major clean-up of the site. We’ve removed tonnes of rubbish. We’ve installed sinks and toilets. We’re in the process of installing showers. Basic steps to improve health and dignity.

This work is desperately needed. But we need your help to continue. Please donate now.

“For the sake of humanity, please help us” – Mohammed
We may not be able to change the politics of this region, but we can take steps to improve the health and dignity of these young people stuck in Serbia. Please donate now.