Newborn Refugees

It is estimated that there are currently approximately 9,300 pregnant refugee women living in camps across Greece. The temperatures soar above 35 degrees each day and most women are living in tents with no access to decent services. The living conditions are harsh for vulnerable people, especially if one is pregnant or with a new born infant.

The refugee camps in Greece are not a place for newborn babies and their mothers. Earlier in the month, a women living in Alexandria camp gave birth and was sent back to the camp with a baby that was one month premature just two days after giving birth. Tragically the baby passed away.

Unfortunately this story is not unique. Our partners Refugee Support Greece are committed to not let this happen again in the camps that they work in.

When a baby was born last week and discharged following a C-Section the team put them in a hotel. We are pleased to say that the mother and baby are doing well.

There are another 29 pregnant women in Alexandria, Refugee Support Greece are committed to caring for these women and babies post-partum.

To help them with this essential care, please donate at