Moria: Europe’s shame

Help Refugees - Moria - Europe's shame

Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. Built to house 2,300 people, the camp currently groans at the seams with over 7,200 residents.

Many people have now been stuck on Lesvos for several years, marooned as a consequence of Turkey’s lucrative deal with the EU. And while Moria’s residents can come and go, its watchtowers and razor wire fences feel more prison than a refugee camp.

Stuck on the island with limited prospects for asylum and the ever-present threat of deportation, many people feel a growing sense of hopelessness. Having survived war and violence, desperate living conditions and no clear route off the island cause further damage to the mental health of the people trapped here. This was starkly illustrated in May, when a 26-year-old Syrian refugee set himself on fire in the camp, his application for asylum having been rejected for a second time.

In the face of enormous challenges, our partners are doing incredible work. Whether it’s fixing taps and showers so people can keep clean, providing water coolers to help people through the baking heat, distributing clothes and hygiene essentials, or providing desperately-needed community spaces.
While political leaders fail to provide a humane and dignified solution, grassroots groups work around the clock to provide for people’s basic needs. We desperately need your help to continue supporting our partners working on Lesvos. Please donate if you can today.