Mohammad: from refugee to software developer

After fleeing the conflict in Syria, Mohammad came to Athens. Here he volunteered with our partners Velos Youth. He’s now used his skills and experience to get a job with a large (and very famous) technology company. It’s an inspiring example of what happens when people are able to develop, grow and be included in society.

“When I first came here, I was worried to see how people would treat with me as a Syrian refugee”, he says, “but I found a way to succeed because I found a way to communicate.” Mohammad helped develop these communications skills while volunteering with Velos Youth. With Velos he helped set up youth activities and workshops, helping other refugees find their feet in this new city.

Velos Youth provides a safe space for young people aged 16-21 years old in Athens, where they can access the advice and support they need to move forward with their lives.

Although made up of people from many different cultures and backgrounds, Mohammad says “we became one team. It was amazing to see different cultures and to learn from all people around the world. I don’t see a difference between refugees and other people.”

“I found a way to succeed because I found a way to communicate”

We’re inspired by Mohammad and the work of Velos Youth. They show that with support and opportunities, people can get on and build new lives. We’re proud to support projects that make this happen.

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