Mobile ‘medibus’ clinic for Greece in Doctors of the World + Help Refugees partnership

As refugees arrives in Greece after arduous journeys and suffer the appalling conditions of camping or sleeping rough with only simple provisions from grassroots groups to keep them going, medical care becomes one of the most profound humanitarian contributions we can make.

When Doctors of the World told us they would need a mobile clinic to best serve the 12000 plus population in the North of Greece around the Idomeni border and the intense conditions in the central Greece camps, we had no hesitation in stepping in and helping them purchase their first mobile clinic or ‘medibus’ as they have dubbed it.

The medibus has already been to Larissa, a desert-like site where around 1,000 refugees are camped with no formal medical provisions. The area is one of the hottest places in the country, with temperatures in the medibus reaching 41 degrees in recent days. Doctors of the World working on the ground in the camp say living conditions are horrendous. Over a third of refugees have medical complaints, including respiratory conditions and parasite infestations.

Doctors of the World coordinator Geraldine Delestienne said: “In the camp there is one tree for a thousand refugees seeking shade to escape the unbearable heat. Poisonous snakes and scorpions enter tents. Many refugees suffer from dehydration and extreme sunburns. It does feel like a small hell.”

Doctors of the World added: “We can’t solve the refugee crisis, but having the support of Help Refugees means we can continue to make a difference to the people in need living in places like Larissa”.

We are honoured to collaborate with Doctors of the World on this project, and support them in their inspiring work helping thousands of the most vulnerable people living in the worst conditions.

Going forward, Doctors of the World plans to take the mobile clinic to the Volos camp to assess medical needs there, as well as continuing consultations in Larissa.

We are proud to be supporting such an inspiring organisation and working together to create a bigger impact on the ground.

We would not be able to do our work without your support and kindness. Many of the refugees we help are fleeing the conflict zones of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Others are trying to escape political oppression in countries like Eritrea. All are human beings like us. As well as providing immediate physical assistance, we want to help refugees maintain their dignity.

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