Miss Magpie’s illustrations capture life in the Jungle refugee camp

Miss Magpie Fashion Spy – the creative genius behind the beautiful #WarmWishes cards – is spending some time in the refugee camps in Calais and Dunkirk this week. Today, against the backdrop of upheaval and uncertainty, she captured some of the heartbreak.

Monday 11th January, the Jungle, Calais

The mood in the camp suddenly shifted and it was then I noticed the police. Refugees were asking us what was happening and we didn’t know either. It turns out the camp elders were talking to the authorities and there was a government official in the camp.

There were rumours about an area needing to come down, then we heard some restaurants needed to move by 2 metres. Rumours rumours.

I took myself away and just drew the scene in front of me.

Miss Magpie Fashion Spy - drawing from the Calais refugee camp, 11th Jan 2016 

The kids were having a great time! Swinging on the swing, trying to get me to push, me laughing – “I’m drawing I can’t do both!”

I don’t know how they had shut everything out but they had. Major conversations were happening in tents close by about a large part of the camp being bulldozed and they we oblivious. Thank goodness.

These poor children are already homeless but have made a part of their jungle their own, but even that is about to change.

Miss Magpie Fashion Spy - little girl playing in the Calais refugee camp, 11th Jan 2016

We are so grateful for Miss Magpie volunteering her time and can’t wait to share more of these images with you.

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