Miss Magpie tells the stories of Ruta the pregnant Eritrean lady and Jane the independent researcher

Miss Magpie Fashion Spy has spent time this week illustrating the lives of the people in the refugee camps in Calais and Dunkirk. Below are the stories of Ruta, a pregnant lady from Eritrea, and Jane, an independent researcher.

Friday 15th January, the Jungle, Calais

“Ruta is from Eritrea and is 7 months pregnant – she will give birth to her baby in The Jungle. She walked from Eritrea to Libya, her journey has been long. She still takes pride in her appearance and always looks beautiful. She still has hope for her future”.

Annie, volunteer for Help Refugees

Miss Magpie - Ruta pregnant Eritrean refugee

Miss Magpie Spy - Calais refugee camp - Fri 15th Jan (18)

Miss Magpie Spy - Calais refugee camp - Fri 15th Jan (5)

I met Jane in the women’s/children’s centre in the Calais Jungle. She is an independent researcher and had spent time in Kos, Macedonia and Serbia. In Kos she saw heavily pregnant women alone and with young children arrive by boat. She said they were from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. They were fleeing persecution and seeking safety. She said many of the children haven’t been to school in months, sometimes year. 

Miss Magpie Spy - Calais refugee camp - Fri 15th Jan (8)
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