Long Way But Short Days: A film by Wshear Wali

A photo by Wshear Wali, Kurdish photojournalist and filmmaker.

Wshear Wali – Kurdish photojournalist, filmmaker and co-founder of the Liva Collective – has created a beautiful and evocative film of his journey to the UK.


I met Wshear while we were in Grande-Synthe, during the winter of 2016. We talked film, photography, and art over cigarettes and tea. He had been filming his journey and he wanted some help putting it all together. We tried to get a laptop with the appropriate software but it sadly wasn’t within our capabilities at the time.


Months later I received a message. Wshear had cut together this absolutely stunning film:

Long Way But Short Days from wshear on Vimeo.

The confidence and artistry on show here really suggests promising future in photography and film; something Wshear has been proactive in achieving. Since arriving in Cardiff he has put on exhibitions, started a art collective, and like all artistic types, probably has a few hundred potential ideas on the backburner.


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