Hundreds of refugees arrive on Greek island of Lesvos

8 boats have landed on Lesvos between 9-11 September. About 420 people. One dingy alone carried 84 people, around half of them children.

If you ask the volunteer teams working flat out across the island; spotters, rescue teams, food distribution, legal and health services, they’ll tell you that this crisis is far from over.

Having made this treacherous journey, most new arrivals will be taken straight to the notorious Moria refugee camp. With a capacity of 1800, this camp is at breaking point with around 5500 residents.

An ongoing crisis

As we approach the winter months, hundreds of refugees are living in tents, completely unprepared to deal with the future change in climate. And more people continue to arrive.

On 12 September, another boat carrying 41 people arrived in the south of Lesvos. On the boat there were 10 children, 7 women and 24 men. A second boat with 53 people arrived carrying 17 more children, 13 women and 23 men.

At 03:30 on 13 September, 30 people arrived in Mistegna on south of the island. And at 06:00, 15 children, 4 women and 10 men arrived at Korakas in the north.

The media may have moved on, but the crisis continues.

Our partners on the island continue to ensure a friendly face, food and dry clothes meet many of these tired new arrivals. But they are overstretched, and need support to help those in need.

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